Tuesday, January 24, 2006


This is a dragon sketch for a freelance puzzle. The puzzles are very simple and for the very young so this drawing probably has too much detail...but I was having fun.


Gulzar said...

This is great Dave; I love the "Dragon's" smile...n say! It’s not at all difficult... I'm sure the kids will find it challenging... :o)
Keep up the good...work!

Anticipating them in the colored version... :)


Dave James said...

Thanks Gulzar.

The dragonn is just one element of the puzzle. The printing process may not let me keep some of the detail on the dragon. I wil have to simplify the lines and detail.

Take care.


Hans said...

Hey Dave,

Thanks for stopping by. I'm hoping to get more into Flash this year. It's a good way to bring ideas to life without having to spend too much time and money on it.
Awesome dragon design! Love it's beak like snout, looks like a friendly one to me.
Added you to my links, hope you don't mind:)


Jeremy Spears said...

Nice Dragon buddy, I'm glad you posted something up! Later


/\/\ikeB said...

Yeah nice dragon.
I especially like the definition in the tail, where most people seem to lack.