Monday, July 30, 2007

Comic Con 2007 Pics

I had a GREAT time at the CON this year. It had been several years since I attended. Man has it grown. Next year I'd like to have a table in Artists Alley. Here are just a few pics I took! Enjoy!

Bladerunner characters were everywhere. Apparently there is yet ANOTHER director's cut DVD coming out. (Pssst! I still prefer it WITH the naration)

Evil-lynn from HE-MAN! (as I have been informed by the posts below...okay, okay...I'm a loser!)

This cat character make-up was AWESOME. The detail on the face. Very professional.

Really cool spaceship models. I want all of them.

While I took this pic of DOBBY, a guy had just purchased it for $700. Wow!

My friend Katie McDee with Conan.

My friend Kevin Tong at the Bongo booth.

Matt Groening just happened to be walking by. I shook his hand and said, "I Love the Simpsons!" Am I smooth or what?

Finally, I got to meet the one and only John Nevarez. He remembered who I was, and was very nice and encouraging. Great guy!

Stephen Silver, my other favorite character designer (see John Nevarez above). Stephen may be the nicest guy in the industry and always helpful and encouraging.

Arrrgggh! Some mighty fine pirate costumes ye got thar!

Gigantor takes me out!

Excellent Predator costume!

Doug Sneyd. Perhaps the BEST playboy cartoonist, EVER! The woman in his cartoons are the prettiest and sexiest. His originals go for THOUSANDS!

Tons of Star Wars characters. These were among some of the best.


Amazing statue at the WETA booth. Up close these are uber-realistic.

TV head dude. I have NO idea what he was promoting. Just looked funny to me.

There are a BUNCH more pictures, but I must get back to my own work, after being so inspired by the CON!


KEVIN said...

These pics are so awesome. We had so much fun.

Katie McDee said...

It was so great see and hang out with you guys at the CON! I posted about the CON on my blog too...check it out!

Dave James said...

Thanks, guys. I had a BLAST with you two.

Next year baby!

Josh kemble said...

Nice pics :) The con rocked this year!

Dave James said...
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Jeremy Spears said...

Cool Dave! I'm glad you went this year, I really am going to try to make it next year! Awesome photos!
See ya buddy!

illgnosis said...

uhhh.. the girl in blue is Evil Lynn.. from He-Man... sheesh!

the grom said...

Dude the 'Blue Chick' is Evil-lynn from HE-MAN thats a cult classic man....

there even was a Dolf Lungred starrer in the late 80's that also featured a very young and completely unknown Courteney Cox!

u can update that blog now

Dave James said...

Okay, okay...I'm a loser it's Evil-lynn from HE-MAN!

Thanks for the info.

To be fair, He-Man was after my day. I grew up on the original Jonny Quest and Wacky Races.