Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You may notice a new link in the upper right corner of the blog. It's to my new comic WORKED!

WORKED appears at GoComics in the ComicSherpa area. It's a place for new comic artists to get their work seen.

Please stop by and check it out. There is a link to rate my comic and leave comments. You can sign up at GoComics to have one comic sent to your email free of charge. I hope you select WORKED.



Heather said...

very cool, I'm liking this new feature. :O)

Clive said...

Dave! Thats fantastic. You've gotta do one of those a day?!? They're hilarious and you must be a wellspring of humour. I'll do the vote thing for sure!

martin wittig said...

Congra's!! It looks really nice!:)

chris.K said...

i'm a dutiful 'worked' subscriber now~ lookin' good :)