Thursday, November 30, 2006

I won!

This cartoon "Night of the Ambiens" won first prize within the cartoon club that I belong call The Wisenheimer. It is a great online forum where catoonists chat and talk about cartoons and other important world events.

So anyhoo. Nice to be recognized.


Hans said...

Hey Dave,

Congrats, you deserve to be recognized! Your comics are hilarious.

Good luck with everything and have a great weekend:)


Clive said...

Yay! I agree; way to go Dave. Nice one.

Katie McDee said...

Huzzah!!! you rule Dave!

LJaeger said...

Hey, DAVE!

congrats! I'm proud of ya, buddy! (slapping you on the back--hard!) You derserve it, I know you've been working hard on it. Congrats on your selling two of them, too!

Take care,

Mike Mac said...

congrats man long live gag cartoons!

Alina Chau said...

AWESOME comic drawings!! Funny and cool!! The blue pencil character drawing is great too!! U ROCK!

martin wittig said...

Congrats!:) Great work throughout your blog