Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Cartoon...Finally!

Here is a "blue line" as I call them, or "sketch" in any other universe, of my latest cartoon idea.

Looking into new ink and halftone techniques, I will probably end up right back to my usual way of ink and wash. Who knows I may discover something fresh and set the world of cartooning on fire.

Actually, the world of magazine cartooning is on the "Endangered Species" list. So, please, donate when you can and remember, no poaching!

I'm looking into Coquille/Stipple board...yes, I'm that old.


Jeremy Spears said...

Hey buddy, this ones really funny! Nice job!

I have one suggestion however...the expression on the womans face doesn't strike me right, I was thinking maybe her eyebrows could be pointed down like she is angrier...just a thought, take it or leave it. I'm glad you are sticking with should really put them all in a book eventually and self publish, I would buy one!

Katie McDee said...

I love it! the husband's expression is classic... now show me some stippled action!

Maleficium said...

lol....this is great! Hope he answers correctly cuz it's all on the line...hahahaha

Brian Growe said...

Yipes, talk about a loaded question! Keep up the good work, your stuff likes great!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I dare him to say yes !! :) Great cartoon !